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Fully Furnished Apartments Corporate Style

The Family Lodge Apartments (FLA) community specializes in short-term, furnished apartments which offer convenience and flexibility to those in transition.   The apartments are fully-furnished for your convenience. Other features include quick access to Ft. Bragg and local shopping, one month leases, and utilities turned on before your arrival.


"They just don't make 'em like they used to."

D.P. Bruton, a third-generation native of Fayetteville built the FLA in 1962.  Though he only had a sixth grade education and could barely read, people trusted him. In his Christian walk, he did not follow the

example-- he set the example. He was generous and had a heart for those less fortunate than himself. D.P. empathized with soldiers and their need for short-term living arrangements while they waited for their household goods to arrive from far-away places. Through his love to serve people, he developed his vision to build safe, affordable housing to take care of America’s Finest.


Tragedy Brings a Blessing

The FLA staff and residents will never forget April 16, 2011. On that fateful day, a tornado swept through the complex. Seconds later, a major portion of the FLA community lay flattened.  Because of God’s hand of protection, it was a miracle that no one was seriously injured.  His daughter Deborah pondered what her father would do. She knew she could not let the vision die. After 20 months of planning and reconstruction, the FLA proudly offers the Phase II section which is comprised of 28 fully-furnished 1-BR apartments.

Following in her father’s footsteps, Deborah and her dedicated staff insure that  your transition is as painless as possible. The staff of Family Lodge Apartments takes pride in offering a clean, quiet, safe, and affordable place for you to call home.


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