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"How much is the rent?"

All of our apartments are furnished.  With a three-month (or longer) lease, our 1BR/1BA apartments rent from $695-$825. Our 2BR/1BA apartments rent from $795-$850.    


"What furnishings are included?"

All of our apartments are furnished WITHOUT a furniture rental fee. Furnishings include the furniture, TV, pots/pans/dishes/silverware/glasses, coffeemaker, vacuum cleaner, comforter, sheets, trash cans, kitchen towels-- most of the basics.

You will need to furnish your own towels/bathmat, blanket, casserole dishes (if desired), and any of your other favorite items you can't live without.

"Are the utilities included in the rent?"

Your rent includes your trash pick-up service, landscaping, and maintenance of any problems that may arise.  Family Lodge also pays the deposits to the electric company and water/sewer company for you.  The electricity is already turned on before you arrive. (No running around town opening accounts and taking a day off waiting for the electric company to show up—we've already done that for you!)  

If we included the electricity and water/sewer in your rent, we'd have to predict how much you would be using.  We don't know where you like your thermostat or if you will have a washer/dryer in your unit or if you will have a lot of company visiting so we would have to estimate on the high side to be certain that the bill gets covered. You would end up paying for more than you actually use!

We prefer to help you save money. Here's how it works. The utility companies read your meters and send your bills to the Family Lodge Apartments office. Then you pay your two utility bills at the same office where you pay your rent.  You will receive your original bill, and you only pay for what you use; we do not mark them up. It gives you more control over your budget; if you conserve your electricity, then you are saving yourself money.

"What About Wi-Fi?"

Options are endless these days! Some folks want 20 channels; some want 200 channels; some only want internet. We feel people should not have to pay for a service they are not even using, so we will give you the phone number of our cable company representative,  and you work out services and pricing with him.

"How long are your leases?"

We are more flexible than any apartment community you will find.  If you are in transition, you probably need a temporary place to live until you get your bearings.  No one wants to quickly make a long-term commitment that they regret later.   For this reason, we offer a 3-month lease which you are not required to renew.  After the 90-day leasing period ends, you go month-to-month at the same rental rate. When you are ready to move, just give us a 2-week move-out notice.  Some people move after the 3 month-period, but many have lived here for years!

"Can I sign a one-month lease?"

Yes, you can, but it is not as cost-effective for you.  Nevertheless, we understand that sometimes your circumstances prevent you from entering a 3-month lease.  With a 30-day lease, the rent rate is higher, and you  have to pay the 13% occupancy tax which is charged by the state and county (sorry, not our rule—we don't like it either).  We attempt to keep the monthly rate lower than an average hotel (and an apartment is more spacious than a hotel room). We never lease for less than one month; your best option is a hotel or an extended stay arrangement if you only need a place for a couple of weeks.

If you need an apartment for approximately two months, it is almost a break-even proposition to sign a 3-month lease. In other words, it is cheaper at some point to pay the rent to the end of the lease than it is to pay the higher rent  plus the tax).

"My company is paying for my housing. Do you offer corporate rates?"

Yes, we do.  Our staff is happy to bundle all expenses (electricity, water/sewer, cable/internet, etc.) together so your company can pay for all of your expenses with one check.                 

"Do you allow dogs?"

Everyone who works at Family Lodge Apartments owns fur babies and we love them—they're family!  However, our apartments are furnished and many people have allergies, so we do NOT allow pets. Sorry.

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